B2C copywriting

B2C copywriting

Selling to consumers is a different skill to selling to business. We understand consumer groups and what makes people tick.

We’re a B2C copywriting agency that knows all the tricks of the trade

So we know when direct response is required. Or when a coupon will generate more response than a phone number. And when using SMS as a response mechanism in ads will get more people motivated to act.

Our B2C copywriters speak your audience’s language

We understand how to speak to your customer. We’ve written in txt spk for youth audience. As seasoned gardeners to grow an older audience. As pony riders to saddle-up horse owners. And we’ll work with you to determine who your customer is, the right way to contact them, the frequency of contact they need, and the right tone to draw them in.

We’ll write B2C copy that gets you the results you need

We also know that although sales are important, it’s even more important to build brand loyalty and repeat custom in order to keep your business healthy in the longer term. At Copywriter UK you’ll find we can take any B2C copywriting task and generate the style and tone that aligns your brand perfectly with the target audience and channel.

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  • point of sale
  • direct mail and newsletters
  • websites and e-commerce
  • product descriptions
  • SMS and email
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