Web copy & social media copywriting

Web copy & social media copywriting

When it comes to websites, customers read very differently online. That’s because reading on a screen is harder on the eye. So web copy needs to be punchy and easy to scan. But there’s more to web copy than good, converting text.

A website also needs to appeal to Google.

Well written web copy provides:

  • higher rankings on Google
  • more hits on your website
  • … but also better leads and more conversions from your customers.

“It’s not enough that search engines love you.
Your visitors have to, too.”

We’re a UK website copywriting agency – and SEO expert

We’re experts at optimising your web copy. We know how to use tags, and increase keyword density and backlinks, to drive traffic to your site. (We’ve actually partnered with Google).

We also how to get your social media to do the same.

With you we’ll work out exactly what your SEO objectives are, and build your site around them. We never lose sight of the fact that your visitors have to be convinced when they get there. It’s not enough that search engines love you. Your visitors and customers have to, too.

Our social media copywriting helps you do more than just ‘sell’

Social media helps you to sell. But paradoxically, social media savvy consumers expect more than to be simply ‘sold to’.

Your social media copy needs to invite your audience to discover, interact, and ‘share’ in order to attract them to your brand. Sometimes it needs to look like it’s not even coming from your brand.

We want customers to engage with you in multiple online conversations, via a well thought out social media strategy… and to encourage them to become ambassadors for your company.

Our expert social media copywriters sharpen up your social media copy

We’ll help you to target your audience more effectively whatever stage you’re at. So we can help you find your social media voice, write your strategy or simply schedule as many social media updates per week as you choose – whatever the social platform.

Social media can feel a bit vague, so we work by achieving the objectives you set to begin with − whether it’s reaching a certain audience or gaining a specific number of followers.

For us it’s about delivering a return on your investment.

Let our social media and web copywriting team improve your visibility on the web

Let our expert website and social media copywriting team increase your web traffic, conversion rates, brand loyalty and sales. We provide engaging copy, loyalty building interactions, and fresh content that keeps people coming back for more.

  • Websites
  • Product descriptions
  • SMS campaigns
  • E-mailshots
  • E-newsletters
  • Online listings
  • Google Adwords (and other Google tools) and search terms
  • Blogs
  • Web articles
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more
  • Search console/Webmaster Tools.